“Woke” Is A Joke!

I’m here, I’m retarded, as in #actuallyautistic, i.e. with a real diagnosis of Asperger’s under the DSM IV and not some loser that uses an incorrect self-diagnosis to justify acting like an a-hole, so get used to it! Or don’t, I don’t care, but let’s discuss this clever meme that accurately portrays wokeism and its modus operandi, and the associated post and comments on Reddit.

I used to be pretty liberal when I was younger and in the “live and let live camp,” but the woke “liberals” decided that wasn’t good enough and if I didn’t conform, then I was obviously a fascist, supremacist, etc. Oh, and here’s Reddit user jmdunkle saying that exact thing! Imagine declaring that an Aspie will simply parrot talking points or be a “literal member of a white supremacist group,” for agreeing the tactics of the “woke” are eerily similar to the tactics of the Nazis. Who’s #retarded?

And here we have Sweatier_Scrotums‘ attempt at using sarcasm to make us believe woke “liberals” believe that “all people…should be allowed to live as free and equal citizens.” If PRONOUN’S account wasn’t suspended, I’m sure PRONOUN would tell us we are free and equal, but PRONOUN would say choices have consequences, our view isn’t a “good look,” or any of the usual shame (read threat) based language to force compliance. #fascist #Nazi

Wokeism in itself isn’t Nazi-like, but the tactics of the woke, self-proclaimed liberals are even worse than those of the Nazi’s. Their actions and their treatment of me and others with my beliefs, is part of what prompted me to start this website. It’s not a wise thing to use, abuse, degrade, and dehumanize a high-functioning Autistic, because you won’t like what we might become.


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