Taylor Swift is NOT a Psy-Op, Confirms the Pentagon

Or did their confirmation that Taylor Swift is not a psy-op actually confirm that she IS a psy-op? Kind of like their whole, “yeah, an airplane hit us too,” misdirection during 9/11. They shouldn’t hide the info behind a pay wall, if they wanted to debunk the missile strike theory. The next thing they’ll tell us is chocolate rations have improved and if they didn’t, it was Goldstein’s fault.

My theory is that Taylor Swift is just a character being played by the most excellent actor, Jon Heder. (Me and my imaginary friend modeled our whole lives around Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro.) After all, no sane person would endorse Joe Biden; only fictional characters would do that. Either that, or it’s more of Goldstein’s propaganda.

Napoleon Dynamite Taylor Swift

This seems like a good place to mention that this website is privately funded and has no connection with anyone or anything. It’s just me and I do NOT live in anyone’s basement, despite what you might think. I DO live in a van down by the river. That’s why younger Gen-Y, and Gen-Z, envy me! “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” – Adolph Hitler

Matt Foley Van Down by the River

Except Hitler was wrong, God owns the future. God owns everything. He created everything. On a less serious note, who else but an Autistic could tie the Pentagon, Taylor Swift, Psy-Ops, 9/11, 1984, Jon Heder, Napoleon Dynamite, Pedro, Jay and Silent Bob, Joe Biden, Ben Affleck, Matt Foley, Millennials (Gen-Y,) Gen-Z, and Adolph Hitler all together on the same page?!? #scrooged

Only you, Frank.

Do elections have consequences? They sure do! However, there has NEVER been anyone in any position of power that God has not allowed to be there. In other words, that includes Miss Swift, whose billions in sales mean nothing to God. In conclusion, we all must face the moment of truth, and for some, that moment will come at a point where it’s too late for them.

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